Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to resolve XCode's “valid signing identity not found” error

Generally, this error is caused because of a mismatch between a provisioning profile and a private key. It can also be that you even do not own a private key that makes your identity identified to the provisioning profile which are you working with.

First Resolution
Double-check that the profile that you have got from Apple Developer Program is the correct one that you are supposed to have. Sometimes organizations have multiple profiles for each team and although you have a correct private key, you own the wrong provisioning profile.

Second Resolution
You do not own the private key of the provisioning profile and/or identity that you are using. You need to own a private key file with .p12 extension in order for your identity to be validated. Whoever have created your identity (in case you work in a  team of developers, it could be someone else), has it on his/her machine when he has created the profile and/or identity. you need to get this key from that person or reissue a new private key (which takes some time) in order to resolve the issue.

If this sounds too confusing and does not make any sense for you, follow my step-to-step guide to How to sign your MacOSX application code with codesign?

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