Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bug in Syntax Highlighter Integration with Dynamic Themes in Blogger

I was trying to get the syntax highlighter libraries to work on this blog and I was failing all the time. Apparently there is a bug on the script that both Prettify and SyntaxHighlighter are using . I did report them all to the issue tracking system. You can follow the status of the issue with following links:

Syntax Highlighter:

I also tweeted to Alex Gorbatchev about the bug tracking system but until this moment, I have not received any response from him. As soon as I will receive the response, I will also add the issue link at the bottom of this post.

Update: After no personal response, I finally found Syntax Highlighter issue tracking system and posted my issue there. You can follow the case with the added link.

Update 2: Syntax Highlighter has assigned "High" to the priority of this issue. No sign of assignment on severity of the bug in Prettify yet.

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  1. Hi Can you please forward me the way you solve this Syntax-Highlighter issue. My mail id: